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In principle great clarity, in practice great charity. ~Chieko Okazaki

Welcome to my home page! My family and I live in the Los Angeles area. I am a geriatric nurse practitioner with a special interest in hospice. I am also a quilter. It is my interest in quilting that brought me to the internet and I am active in an on-line quilt group called Electric Threads. The main purpose of my page is to provide a photo album for family and friends but I hope it is also an interesting link to some of my favorite places here on the web.


My Photo Gallery




My Favorite Links

Personal Links

Expedition Motor Homes
My husband's company.
Just a Bunch of Bl-Onk!
The family blog.

Quilt Related Links

Gallery of Missing Fabrics
Looking for more of that special fabric? Or maybe you've got something in
your stash that someone needs desperately? A free service for fabriholics.
Mary Lou Weidman
A great teacher, artist, author, and fabric designer.
Lost Quilts Come Home
A page to help locate lost quilts and tips on not losing them!

My Other Interests

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Learn more about the LDS church.
LDS Missionary Mom's Page
A great resource and mailing list for MM's!
Overseas Brats High School Alumni Organization
A place for us ex-military brats to find our schoolchums.
Military Brats Registry
A great searchable data base for finding lost Brats.
Overseas Brats
Another resource for finding brats.
Rhein Main Brats
My web page for brats stationed at Rhein Main Germany from the mid 60s to the late 70s.
We're looking for you!
Rhein Main Brats Social Network Site
Frankfurt American Highschool Alumni Association
My old alma mater.



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